How long has Lethbridge Play and learn been in operation?

    Lethbridge Play and Learn Preschool has been in operation for over 30 years.

What is your Philosophy regarding teaching young children?624

Our philosophy stresses learning through play, which is the medium for basic learning in the early years.  Your child will be provided with a rich variety of play materials, playmates their own age, and a qualified teacher knowledgeable about age-appropriate activities and skilled in developing a program of learning from the child’s play interests and intellectual, social and emotional needs.  Your children will learn to express themselves imaginatively, to cope with their own feelings, to get along with others, to solve problems, to satisfy curiosity and to improve physical awareness.  We try to create an atmosphere in which the child learns to think positively about themselves and their peers.


Do your three and four year old programs differ in content or are they just on different days of the week?

There are many subtle differences, based on the developmental differences between 3 and 4 year old children.  It is also by design that the three’s come twice a week for two hours and the four’s come three times for two and a half hours.  Every aspect of the class, from special projects to gym to circle time will be concrete, real and relevant to their age group. Craft related projects are more intricate for the fours, based on their more advanced fine motor skills, for instance.  Learning themes for three year olds include apples, farm animals, flowers and gardens, whereas the fours learn about pioneers, space, fire safety, the lifecycle of a butterfly and more.


What can I expect my 3 year old to learn?

Many of the three year olds have spent little time in organized activities and childcare environments; therefore it is fun to see them learn how to be part of a class.  The teacher prepares the environment for active exploration and interaction with adults, peers, and learning materials.  They will enjoy participating in theme related play centres, songs and stories, snack time, gym and even some field trips!


How does Play and Learn’s 4 year old program differ from a Pre-K class offered at an elementary school?

We think the biggest difference is Lethbridge Play and Learn Preschool focuses on just that, ‘learning through play’ rather than teaching kids to print, memorize calendars or do math exercises, they learn about a wide variety of fascinating topics through playing, doing science experiments (with a science fair for parents to watch), going on field trips, and so much more!  As fours become more interested in recognizing familiar words and writing their names, we continue to provide a language rich environment that stimulates the development of cognitive and literacy skills.  We’ve been told that our children are very ready for Kindergarten when they get there and are often the kids asking interesting questions, using exceptional vocabulary and excelling at creative playtime.



How involved are parents in the classroom and with the school?

We require every family to contribute in the classroom as well as on a committee, although the overall time contribution is quite minimal.  Each child will have his/her ‘special day’ approximately once a month where their parent comes in as a classroom helper, provides the class with a healthy snack and the child enjoys his/her turn being the leader and presenting show and tell.  Through your involvement in a co-operative, you have easy access to your child’s teacher and a readily available system of support and social relationships with other families in our schools.


My child seems to get anxious when I leave him somewhere and he’s never been in daycare.  Do you think he’ll adjust to preschool or should I just wait until he’s five for Kindergarten?

Our experience (30 years and well over 1000 children!) is that children almost always adjust and it is often the parent that is more anxious than the child.  We have such a friendly fun environment that children always feel welcome and happy if not on the very first day, then very shortly afterward.


How does your preschool learning space compare to a typical classroom in an elementary school?

You need to come see it!  We are so proud of our bright, organized, and very spacious area where we have plenty of room for circle time, special art and science projects, painting, playing house, sand and water tables, blocks and toys, snack time, puzzles and play dough, and so much more!


Describe your classroom supplies/toys.  Will my child get to play with toys different from what we have at home?

Yes, we’re sure he/she will!  We’ve been gathering well made toys, games, art supplies and a vast selection of educational resources for three decades!  We believe this is definitely one of the factors that sets us apart from other preschools...no matter what theme the children are learning about the classroom will be set up with applicable toys, puzzles, costumes, games, art projects, and story time books to fit that theme.  We actually have so many resources for such a wide variety of themes that we can’t cover every theme in a single year.


Do the children get a chance to run and play or are they just in a ‘classroom’ setting?

The children spend a portion of every class in the gym, where they continue to learn through playing. As is the case in our classroom, the gym is well equipped with an amazing variety of resources!  The children will learn a wide range of physical tasks through the use of jumping balls, hockey sticks, roller racers, scooters and climbing equipment.


Is there a religious component to Lethbridge Play and Learn Preschool?

No, there is not.  We rent classroom and gym space from the church at our present location, but we are not affiliated with any church or religious group. We are proud of the diversity of our school and have seen our students go on to each and every elementary school in Lethbridge and beyond, to start their formal education.


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